What Is Boron Sulfide?


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First prepared in 1824, boron sulfide is a polymer-like compound with the molecular formula B2S3. It is mildly soluble in water and some acids. It is a colorless, crystalline compound that decomposes at very high temperatures.

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The melting point of boron sulfide is 563 degrees Celcius or 1045 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a mass of 117.82 grams per mole.

This compound reacts with water to form boric acid, which is used to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. Boron sulfide also reacts with water vapor in the air. Anhydrous, meaning "without water," conditions are necessary for proper handling.

Boron sulfide is used in the manufacture of glasses that absorb infrared energy. It is also used as a sulfurizing agent in chemical reactions.

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