Reference Summer Reading List: 9 of the Best Books About Climate Change

Photo Courtesy: Paul Souders/Getty Images; Morsa Images/Stone/Getty Images

There’s really no longer a debate. Our planet needs our help, and the time to act is right now. The truth is, though, that there’s more to climate change than meets the eye, and it’s continually impacting us on levels we might not even realize. It touches all aspects of our lives, and it threatens to change our world in ways we might never recover from. It may sound dramatic, but the future of our planet is truly at stake — and it’s time for change.

Combating the effects of climate change starts with learning as much as you can about this global issue, which is why we’re highlighting nine essential books about the topic. Each takes a key look at the current state of the world and addresses the conditions we could be living in if we don’t start treating our planet differently. You’ll come away from these books with a deeper understanding of the facts on climate change from some of the most prominent activists whose messages can help all of us make a difference.