What Are Some Bones in a Diagram of the Foot?


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The bones of the foot belong to the tarsals, the metatarsals and the phalanges. The tarsals are the bones of the ankle, while the phalanges make up the toes.

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The tarsal, or ankle, bones comprise seven individual bones. The calcaneus is the heel bone. It is the largest tarsal bone and supports important structures, such as the Achilles tendon. The second biggest tarsal bone is the talus, an important part of the ankle joint. The cuboid and navicular bones help support body weight and assist in movement of the foot. The tarsal bones closest to the toes are the lateral, intermediate and medial cuneiform bones.

The metatarsals are five long bones located between the ankle and toe bones. The phalanges are the digits of the foot, or the toe bones. Closest to the ankle are the longest of the toe bones, the proximal phalanges. The distal phalanges are farthest from the ankle and make up the tips of the toes. The intermediate phalanges sit between the distal and proximal bones and play a key role in the flexibility and motion of the toes. There are only four intermediate phalanges in each foot; the big toes lack these types of bones.

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