What Bones Are Connected to the Clavicle?


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The scapula and the sternum are the two bones connected to the clavicle. The scapula is commonly referred to as the shoulder blade, while the sternum is better known as the breastbone. The clavicle is also called the collarbone.

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The human body has two clavicles, as well as a pair of scapulas. Clavicles are normally prominent in thin people. The clavicle, which belongs to the class of long bones, is the only long bone in the human body that lies horizontally. It can be divided into three parts: the sternal or medial end, the acromial or lateral end, and the shaft. The acromial end of each clavicle attaches to the acromion of each scapula, while each sternal end attaches to the sternum.

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