What Is the Boiling Point of Butanol?


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Butanol has a boiling point of approximately 243 degrees Fahrenheit. Butanol also has three other isomers, or different molecular forms, with slightly different boiling points.

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The other kinds of butanol are called isobutanol, sec-butanol and tert-butanol. Isobutanol has a boiling point of 226 F. Sec-butanol has a boiling point of 211 F. Tert-butanol has a boiling point of 180 F.

Standard butanol, also known as 1-butanol, is an alcohol molecule made up of an unbranched chain of atoms. The isomers are alcohol molecules with various branching structures. The different shapes give the different kinds of butanol different chemical properties, although they are still made up of the same number and kind of atoms. This is why the isomers have different boiling points.

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