How Is Body Temperature in Degrees Celsius Converted to Degrees Fahrenheit?

body-temperature-degrees-celsius-converted-degrees-fahrenheit Credit: Mark Espenschied / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Body temperature in degrees Celsius can be converted to degrees Fahrenheit by using the formula F = C x 1.8 + 32, where "F" indicates the temperature in Fahrenheit and "C" denotes the temperature in Celsius. The normal body temperature, which is traditionally accepted as 37 C, is equivalent to 98.6 F.

The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are the two most commonly used temperature scales. Degrees Celsius is the standard unit of measurement in the metric system while degrees Fahrenheit is a nonmetric measurement that is part of the customary units in the United States. In the Celsius scale, water freezes and boils at 0 and 100 C, respectively. The freezing and boiling points of water in the Fahrenheit scale, meanwhile, are 32 and 212 F, respectively.

The standard body core temperature equal to 98.6 F was first proposed by the German physician Dr. Carl Wunderlich in the 1800s. However, recent scientific evidence suggests that 36.8 C, or approximately 98.2 F, is a more precise measurement. It has also been discovered that the elderly have lower core body temperatures that would unlikely reach feverish conditions even if an individual is ailing, as claimed by a 2006 study conducted by researchers from Winthrop University in the U.S. Normal body temperatures vary and the current generally accepted range is between 36.1 to 37.2 C, or 97 to 99 F.