What Body Parts Are Different in Women and Men?

Women and men have different external and internal reproductive organs. In addition, there are differences between sexes in size and capacity of muscles, lungsand theleft ventricle of the heart.

Female and male sexual anatomy are different. The female external sex organs include the following parts: outer lips, also known as labia majora, inner lips or labia minora, clitoris, clitoral hood, opening of the urethra and opening of the vagina. The female internal sex organs include theuterus, where the fetus grows during pregnancy, thecervix and thevagina. Eggs are stored in ovaries and are transported via thefallopian tubes to the uterus.

The maleexternal sex organs arethe penis, which consists of a shaft and glans on its tip, where theopening of the urethra is also found. The testicles, which areglands that produce sperm and testosterone,are enclosed within a sac called thescrotum, which is divided into two. The male internal sex organs includetwo epididymis, which store sperm before ejaculation, and thevas deferens Ñtubes connected to theepididymis.

Men also have larger bones and muscles than women as a general rule. Men's lungs have a larger capacity, and the left ventricle of a male's hearthas a larger mass and chamber size than the female's.