What Does Blue Symbolize?

The color blue symbolizes many things, including depth and stability. Often considered a male color, blue is also considered to be correlated with cold or cool, and calm, as it is the color of the sky and sea.

Blue is also associated with peace and tranquility. Faith and trust, in addition to loyalty and wisdom associate with blue as well. Some different themes are correlated with the color blue, including patriotism in the United States, with red, white and blue, and Father’s Day, because of the male association with blue. Dark blue and light blue carry other connotations, as dark blue is more closely associated with power, integrity and seriousness, with light blue more in relation to softness, health and healing.

Blue is vibrantly expressed when used with other bold primary colors, such as red and yellow. The color blue may also suppress appetite, and this color is not a typical plate garnish when food is served. Blue is also used in the promotion of products, such as cleaning fluids and purifiers. Because blue is associated with cleanliness and purity, marketers use this to promote their brand better. In meditation, some believe that blue can produce calmness within the body.