What Are the Biotic Factors of a Savanna?


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The biotic factors of a savanna include elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, whistling thorn trees and jackalberry trees. The term "biotic factors" refers to all of the living organisms and their interactions in a particular ecosystem.

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The savanna ecosystem is characterized by warm temperatures, dispersed grasses and small trees. These trees and grasses allow sunlight to reach the ground. Heavy rainfall typically occurs during the summer months.

The jackalberry tree is one of the producers in the savanna. Producers are able to make their own food. Zebras, cows and warthogs are examples of the herbivores found in a savanna. Herbivores feed on primary producers.

Carnivores, such as lions and leopards, feed on other animals. This ecosystem also has decomposers, insectivores and scavengers.

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