Why Is Biotechnology Important?

Biotechnology is important because it may provide the solutions to many major global issues, including world hunger, global warming and pollution, states the Global Agenda Council on Biotechnology. It also provides exciting advances in the medical field, from improving vaccine production to tissue engineering from bio materials.

Biotechnology may be able to provide the world with alternative energy sources, which is important because fossil fuel stores are limited. Carbon dioxide may be used as a fuel in the future because of biotechnology. Advances in biotechnology may lead to sustainable energy sources made from plant chemicals. Although a controversial topic, bioengineering of plants has led to large improvements in crop yields, which support a rapidly growing world population. In addition to this, advances in biotechnology may be able to regenerate the fertility of soil and aquatic zones. The use of aquaculture to create polymers and fuels is made possible through biotechnology.

Healthcare is changing with advances in biotechnology as well. Regenerative medicine using stem cells or other bio materials allows for more rapid healing of injuries, and whole organs may be able to be replaced in the future with tissue engineering. Vaccinations are more accurate than ever with biotechnology, and a vaccine can be created against almost any target with these advances. In the future, genomic screening will provide an even more complete picture of an individual's health and allow for advanced screening of potential health problems.