What Are Some Biology Research Project Ideas?

One biology research project idea is studying the mechanism of the therapeutic effect of furosemide on tinnitus, according to the University of Western Australia. Another idea is to study the role of apoptosis in relation to signaling molecules in cancer.

A wide range of science research projects exist in fields such as cancer, cancer-targeted therapies, cardiovascular electrophysiology, cellular biology and comparative physiology of adaptation. Additional fields include ecology, science education, evolutionary biology, forensic anatomy and functional anatomy. Other projects could explore aging, neonatal physiology and biology, neuroscience, reproductive biology, respiratory physiology and sleep science.

One research project idea is to study the physical properties of nervous tissue. A research project in ecology is to study the behavior of mammals held in captivity at the zoo. Other topics include studying the behavioral differences of sexes between humans and patterns of ecology across species.

Science research projects that focus on science education include studying innovative methods for teaching anatomy and physiology, the creation of virtual environments to teach laboratory lessons, and the assessment of teaching tools.

Plant biology has a variety of potential student research projects, according to the University of Idaho. A research project could focus on the factors that influence the germination of local plant species. Other plant biology research projects include comparing the morphologic variations of local plant species and investigating the habitat requirements of native plants.