Why Is Biology Important?

Biology, or the study of life, is important because it helps people to understand ourselves and the world people live in. Biology has several branches that specialize in certain areas of life. Some of these include genetics, immunology, physiology and ecology.

People can use biology to understand large ecosystems or the smallest cell. It is a branch of science that allows humans to explore issues such as genetic engineering, stem cell research applications and global warming.

Biology helps humans live healthier and longer lives. With biology, scientists are able to understand disease and illness work and find treatments, vaccines and cures. Scientists understand how nutrition and exercise benefit health and longevity and maximize physical performance.

Biology includes the study of plants. Scientists use the knowledge to improve soil quality and crop output for human consumption and use. Biology informs humans what plants they can eat, which are medicinal in small quantities and which are poisonous.

The science also helps humans understand nature and how humans, animals and plants interact in life. Biology offers insight into how living things evolve over time. Understanding extinction rates and how a species depends on and affects the habitat where it lives improves the effectiveness of conservation efforts.