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BioCell Collagen is a dietary supplement comprised of processed hormone and antibiotic-free chicken sternum cartilage. It claims to help joint, connective tissue and skin ailments. Its main website notes, however, that as of 2015 the statements and claims made have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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The cartilage is comprised of three compounds: hydrolized type two collagen, hyaluronic acid and condroitin sulfate. The mixture of these compounds closely mimics human articulation cartilage, according to the company's FAQ page. This page describes how, through a patented manufacturing method, the cartilage of a harvested chicken sternum is processed through sterilization, hydrolysis, concentration, purification and filtration. Using only type two collagen instead of types one and three is purportedly more beneficial, as the latter types may contain blood and lymphatic vessels that can carry blood-borne disease, viruses, steroids, antibiotics and bacteria. The product is affirmed by the company, as of 2015, to be generally recognized as safe after review by an independent, unnamed safety panel.

The BioCell Technology Collagen product is found as a stand-alone product and as an ingredient in a number of products sold at specialized vitamin supplement and health-food stores globally. Companies such as Purity Products, Health Logics Laboratories and Vitamin Shoppe all have specialized dietary supplements that use BioCell Collagen.

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