Do Binaural Beats Really Work?


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In 2014, the effectiveness of binaural beats was uncertain and contested, with studies showing conflicting results. Some studies suggest that it may help calm the mind and induce a meditative state, while others show inconclusive results.

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Binaural beats have been shown to ease and facilitate the process of meditation. The process is simple; two separate beats are played through a pair of headphones and the resulting effects on the brain depend on the beats combined. Other combinations have not been proven conclusively effective.

There are a number of proposed and theoretical benefits to binaural beats. These include heightened mental acuity, dreamless sleep and general mood relaxation. They are tied to the frequency range at which the binaural beats are played and in what combinations, creating a theoretical sliding scale of possible combinations.

Proponents of binaural beats claim that the brain interprets the coded white noise of the beats and adjusts its chemistry and activity accordingly. As of 2014 there was no research to render concrete these judgments or to verify the theoretical mechanics by which they are proposed to work. This leaves binaural beats relegated to the realm of unconfirmed alternative therapies and medicines, their basic system of operation a matter of conjecture.

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