What Is Bigger: MB or KB?


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A MB, which is an abbreviation for a megabyte, is bigger than a KB, which is an abbreviation for a kilobyte. A megabyte is commonly understood to be equivalent to one million bytes, where a byte is equal to eight bits. Where as, a kilobyte consists of one thousand bytes.

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A megabyte is one thousand times larger than a kilobyte. The prefixes mega- and kilo- are used by a metric system of counting which is based on powers of ten. "Mega" comes from a Greek word "megas", which translates as "great". In metric systems, "mega-" denotes one million. "Kilo" comes from a Greek word "chilioi", meaning "thousand". Other common uses of "kilo-" include kilogram, which is one thousand grams, and kilometer, which is one thousand meters.

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