Where Is Beryllium Naturally Found?


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Beryllium is naturally found as a component of soil, coal, volcanic dust, some rock minerals and oil. It is a brittle metal that is extremely stiff and lightweight in its elemental form.

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Elemental beryllium is the second lightest metal. It is steel-gray in color and is used in numerous applications, particularly in the aerospace, manufacturing and nuclear industries.

Beryllium is one of the most versatile metal alloys. Because of its versatility, it is used in everything from dental appliances to electronic devices, wheelchairs and non-sparking tools.

Chronic beryllium disease (CBD) can occur when people inhale beryllium dust or fumes. The disease is caused by the immune system having a reaction to beryllium metal. Symptoms include difficulty breathing with physical exertion, chest and joint pain, fatigue and weight loss.

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