What Are the Benefits of Using a Wind Speed Scale?

The benefits of using a wind speed scale include the ability to assess the intensity of storms and to take measures to preserve property and life. Meteorologists use wind speed scales to assess the strength and intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms and the potential damage to expect from storms.

Wind speed scales provide information, such as the Beaufort wind force scale and the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, that allows officials to take precautionary measures to minimize or prevent extensive property damage and loss of life. These measures include issuing alerts and warnings, setting up shelters, ordering evacuations and assembling teams of emergency personnel. Wind speed scales also estimate storm surges and enable officials to take steps to prevent extensive flooding. Utility companies use the information to identify specific areas of concern and ensure the appropriate number repair crews are on hand to minimize disruptions caused by power outages or downed power lines. Marinas and homeowners use the information to secure property and minimize the destruction that storms can cause.