What Are the Benefits of Sweating?


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The main benefit and purpose of sweating is to cool the body and prevent overheating. Other benefits are the elimination of toxins and excess salt from the body and defense against viruses and bacteria. Sweat contains peptides that are deadly to bacteria, fungi and viruses. By purging toxins from the skin, sweating can also remove substances that clog pores and form pimples.

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Sweating purges the body of a variety of substances, including cholesterol. Scientific studies have discovered about 60 toxins that can exit the body through the sweat glands. However, some of these substances only exist in trace amounts in sweat. In the case of excess electrolytes, such as potassium or sodium, sweating eliminates a more significant amount.

Sweating prevents the body from overheating through a process called vaporization. When sweat is on the surface of the skin, the heat radiating from the body heats the water content of the sweat, causing the water to evaporate. When evaporation occurs, the body heat is released, and the temperature of the body goes down. The resulting temperature of the body from this process varies with the amount of air movement and the level of humidity. Sweating does not only occur at times of heightened physical activity or emotions, but at all times.

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