What Are the Benefits of a Rain Water Harvesting System?

Some benefits of a rainwater harvesting system are that its usage is free, it's a renewable source, it reduces water bills and can minimize storm water runoff and drainage problems. Another advantage of using this system is that collected rainwater does not contain any pollutants or chemicals, as noted by Innovative Water Solutions.

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for future use. Rainwater is free and may be utilized for different functions in a home, such as for clothes washers, toilets, watering plants, irrigating trees and landscapes and washing cars. This can reduce monthly water bills, as noted by Innovative Water Solutions. Using these systems also can help the environment by conserving groundwater.

An important benefit of having a rainwater harvesting system is that it provides a backup source of water in case of drought emergencies in an area. For irrigation purposes, rainwater may be ideal because it does not contain dissolved salts or minerals, notes the Pima County website.