What Are the Benefits of Krill Oil?


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The main benefits of krill oil include decreased inflammation, lower cholesterol and less-sticky blood platelets, according to WebMD. Less-sticky platelets mean that blood clots are less likely to form in the body. Krill oil is a supplement used to treat heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, high blood pressure, high blood fats, cancer, depression, premenstrual syndrome and osteoarthritis.

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What Are the Benefits of Krill Oil?
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As of 2014, CNN Health explains krill oil may be easier to absorb in the body because of phospholipids, a form of omega fatty acids that are easier to digest than plant-derived fatty acids and fish oil.

Krill oil has a powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin, a substance that protects the heart and keeps ultraviolet radiation from damaging the eyes. WellWise explains that astaxanthin is present in the eyes, and doses of the antioxidant are sometimes recommended by optometrists to help people with dry eyes.

CNN reveals a Canadian study that showed women who consumed krill oil for three months needed fewer painkillers for their menstrual cycles than women who took fish oil supplements. However, as of 2014 this study is under scrutiny from field experts.

The supplement is made from ocean krill, tiny shrimp that serve as food for baleen whales, manta rays and whale sharks. Krill inhabit all of Earth's oceans, including waterways off the coasts of Norway and Antarctica.

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