What Are the Benefits of Colloidal Minerals?

MedicineNet and WebMD explain that insufficient evidence exists to support the benefits of colloidal minerals. However, people who use colloidal mineral supplements use them to treat conditions including arthritis, diabetes, flushing poisonous heavy metals from the body, improving general well-being, raising low energy, addressing mineral deficiencies, reducing aches and pains, reducing blood cell clumping, reversing early cataracts and turning gray hair dark again.

MedicineNet also explains that researchers do not have enough information about how colloidal minerals work so that they may judge the effectiveness. The site also mentions that researchers have no evidence to support the belief that the body uses colloidal minerals more easily than other minerals.

MedicineNet also explains that many of colloidal silver products also contain varying amounts of potentially unsafe radioactive metals. These metals include aluminum, arsenic, lead, barium, nickel and titanium. WebMD further notes some safety issues with using colloidal minerals, particularly for pregnant or nursing women, because of the amount of metals some products contain. Furthermore, people who suffer from hemochromatosis, a condition caused by the presence of too much iron in the body, may aggravate this condition when taking colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals may also worsen Wilson's disease, a condition that makes the body unable to use copper.