How Do You Benefit From Magnesium Chloride?


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Magnesium chloride is a mineral supplement that helps regulate blood pressure, encourages a steady heartbeat and maintains strong bones. According to WebMD, too much magnesium in the body is toxic, so when taking magnesium chloride, it's important to limit the supplement dosage to 350 milligrams per day.

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How Do You Benefit From Magnesium Chloride?
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Severe magnesium deficiencies are rare in humans. When they occur, it's generally a side effect of another condition, such as kidney failure, diabetes or alcohol abuse. Supplements cause side effects, such as loosening of the stool, diarrhea, cramps and nausea. Doctors recommend individuals suffering heart disease, kidney disease, heart disease or intestinal disease avoid the use of magnesium chloride. If taking other medication, the individual should discuss possible interactions with a pharmacist or doctor.

Most people get the required magnesium from their diet. Sources include green, leafy vegetables as well as nuts, legumes and whole grains. When foods are refined, it strips them of the vital magnesium content, leading to a deficiency of the mineral.

Magnesium chloride is available in a slow-release formula for those who require supplementation. The slow-release form, when used as directed, helps to prevent some of the undesirable side effects of the regular supplements. The user should not chew or break the tablets to ensure the supplement releases as intended.

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