How Do Bats Find Their Way in the Dark?

bats-way-dark Credit: Tom Walker/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Bats maneuver in the dark using their eyes and a process called echolocation. Echolocation refers to the process of using echoes and sound waves to navigate around objects.

Using echolocation, bats are able to avoid bumping into objects as they fly in the dark. Using their mouths, they are able to emit sound waves that travel through the air. When the waves hit an object, the bats hear the echoes that are produced. The creatures use the echoes to navigate their way through the dark.

Contrary to popular belief and according to, none of the approximately 1,100 species of bats are blind. Bats use their eyes to see and to determine when it is dark. Since bats are nocturnal, knowing when it's nighttime is essential.