What Are the Basic Steps in Wiring a Double Pole Circuit Breaker?


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The basic steps in wiring a double pole circuit breaker include turning off the electricity, stripping the wires and installing the double pole circuit breaker in the breaker panel. The tools needed for the task include a two-prong light-up electrical tester and a wire cutter or a wire stripper.

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The following are the basic steps in wiring a double-pole circuit breaker.

  1. Turn off the electricity
  2. Turn off the electricity before starting with the installation.

  3. Verify that the electricity is off
  4. Use the electrical tester to double-check that the electricity is off for safety.

  5. Strip the wires
  6. Expose the copper in the black, white and red wires of the double-pole circuit breaker.

  7. Install the breaker
  8. Install the double pole circuit breaker on the breaker panel.

  9. Wire the breaker
  10. Connect the wires securely to their respective connection points.

  11. Cover the breaker panel
  12. Return the cover of the breaker panel securely.

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