What Are Some BASF Details for Termidor?


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In the United States, Termidor was initially marketed as a termiticide for handling termite infestations prior to being used as a revolutionary product for managing various species of nuisance ants. As of 2015, its labeling has been modified to include treatment for other common pests.

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Termidor is a registered product manufactured by the multinational chemical company BASF. Pest management experts use Termidor for its optimized potency in successfully eliminating destructive insects from houses and other structures through direct ingestion of the substance, spray contact or exposure to treated surfaces.

Termidor is noted for its low water solubility and minimal odor, including its harmless application on water-safe surfaces. Aside from managing termites and ants, Termidor also provides effective control for box-elder bugs, Asian lady and darkling beetles, cockroaches, pillbugs, house crickets, centipedes, spiders, dog ticks, yellow jackets and paper wasps.

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