How Do You Avoid Static Electricity?


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According to Safeopedia.com static electricity increases in places where the air is dry and is amplified by various factors such as the type of material an individual is wearing as well as what is in the environment. Discharging built-up static electric charges decreases the likelihood of being shocked.

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How Do You Avoid Static Electricity?
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Safeopedia.com and Sciencemadesimple.com offers a variety of suggestions to reduce static electric shock. In places where the air is dry, utilize a humidifier. Wear clothing that is made of natural fibers, such as cotton, and avoid wearing wool. Wear shoes that have leather soles. Keep skin moisturized. Cover furniture with material made of natural fibers. Ground yourself prior to touching metal objects like door knobs. This can be done by touching a wooden object, or as Sciencemadesimple.com suggests, carry change in your pocket to handle prior to touching the door knob, or other metal.

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