What Is the Average Temperature in a Tropical Rainforest?

Hulton Archive/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

At most, the temperature in a tropical rainforest hovers around 93 degrees Fahrenheit, and it rarely drops below 68, so the average is about 80 degrees. Humidity is high in the rainforest, which can make the daytime temperature feel much higher.

Minor temperature fluctuations are common in the rainforest, but the areas are not known for their extremes. The temperature will not go above 93 degrees and the humidity is always between 77 and 88 percent.

Rain forests average around 59 inches of rain per year, and it can rain for days at a time during the wet season. All tropical rain forests are located in the Southern Hemisphere; therefore, winter occurs from May until September. During this time, temperatures will be at their lowest and rain will likely fall every day.