What Is the Average Temperature on Pluto?


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The temperature on Pluto is quite cold and ranges from -387 to -369 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like all other planets, the temperature on Pluto changes according to seasons or distance from the sun as it moves in its orbit.

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Pluto gets its name from the underworld god of Roman mythology, who was the son of Saturn. This planet's distance from Earth varies according to its orbital position, with the closest distance being 2.6 billion miles away and the farthest distance being 4.7 billion miles away. The planet rotates in the opposite direction to Earth, meaning that on Pluto, the sun sets in the east.

Scientists have not been able to study this planet more comprehensively, since it is located a great distance away from Earth. However, some of the things known about this planet include the fact that it is made of a rocky core which is surrounded by ice.

During colder seasons, various gases freeze to form the ice that make up the surface of this planet. When the temperature gets warmer, the icy surface melts as the gases return to their original gaseous state. As of 2015, Pluto is referred to as a dwarf planet because it is extremely small in size when compared to other planets in the solar system.

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