What Is the Average Temperature of the Atlantic Ocean?

It is not possible to give a single number to represent the average temperature of the Atlantic Ocean in its entirety, given the vast area, multiple climactic regions and varying depths that the ocean covers. There are, however, many reliable measurements of average temperatures along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, which have been broken down into averages per region for more accurate reporting.

Here is a breakdown of average temperature ranges of the Atlantic Ocean by coastal region in degrees Fahrenheit:

  • North - from Bar Harbor, Maine to New London, Conn.: mid 30s in winter to mid 70s in summer
  • Central - from Bergen Point, N.Y. to Washington, D.C.: mid 30s in winter to lower 80s in summer
  • South - from Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Va. to Virginia Key, Fl.: mid 50s in winter to mid 80s in summer