Are Attached Earlobes Dominant or Recessive?

Deborah Cardinal/Moment Open/Getty Images

Attached earlobes are considered to be recessive. Free earlobes are a dominant trait. This means that far more people have earlobes that are unattached.

The recessive allele in a person’s phenotype is the one that is unexpressed. The phenotype is the physical makeup of a person that can be seen. Some traits have more than two alleles to them. During reproduction, there is a crossing over of chromosomes between the mother and father. For many phenotypes, the alleles from each parent will make up the chromosomes of the child. In some situations, if the two parents each have one recessive allele for a certain trait, their child can end up displaying the recessive phenotype. This means that both of them can have free earlobes but their child could have attached earlobes.