What Is the Atmosphere of Venus Made Of?


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The atmosphere of Venus is made up of 96 percent carbon dioxide, 3.5 percent nitrogen and less than 1 percent of the following: argon, water vapor, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, according to Windows to the Universe. Oxygen is not even found in trace amounts in the atmosphere of Venus

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Due to the harsh atmosphere of Venus, visualization of the surface of the planet is nearly impossible. Because of the elements that make up the atmosphere, the clouds on Venus are full of sulfuric acid. Scientists have been unable to observe Venus much deeper than the plant's upper layer of clouds because sulfur reflects light and makes it nearly impossible to see.

The atmosphere of Venus also produces pressure that is nearly 92 times greater than that of Earth. Also, due to the greenhouse effect, temperatures on the planet reach nearly 462 C. Scientists predict that the surface temperature of Venus is hot enough to melt lead on contact. In comparison, the hottest deserts on Earth are only able to reach 50 C.

Although scientists have been unable to map all of Venus because of its atmosphere, the parts that they have seen are covered by volcanoes. There are impact craters on Venus, but scientists do not believe that they were caused by meteorites since all small meteorites burn up as they try to enter the atmosphere.

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