What Do Astronauts Wear?

Astronauts wear space suits, flight suits, maximum-absorbency garments and helmets. They typically wear blue flight suits and tennis shoes during training, and they also wear the flight suits while flying NASA T-38 jets.

NASA classifies its space suit as a spacecraft, which is known as an extravehicular mobility unit. Astronauts wear these during space walks to protect them from extreme temperatures and radiation, and the units are thick enough to protect astronauts from space debris. The space suits provide astronauts with enough mobility to work and perform other tasks, and the garment worn inside them has an integrated liquid ventilation system to keep astronauts cool. The space suits also provide oxygen and water. When astronauts are unable to use the on-board restroom, astronauts utilize maximum-absorbency garments.

Aboard the space station and space shuttle, astronauts wear the same clothing they wear on Earth. They usually opt for shorts, pants, polos, rugbys and sweaters. On the ground, astronauts wear blue flight suits, while NASA ground crews wear tan or desert-green flight suits. Astronauts wear orange launch and entry suits when they launch in the space shuttle. These pressurized suits maintain the astronaut’s air pressure and are equipped with survival equipment for emergency landings. Launch and entry suits' equipment includes a parachute system, drinking water, a life raft and a radio beacon. Helmets are part of space suits and the launch and entry suits, and they are also worn during flight training.