What do astronauts eat?


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Astronauts have a wide variety of foods available to them, from fresh fruits and vegetables to ready-to-eat meals, such as borscht soup, Kung Pao chicken, jellied fish and shrimp cocktail. Meals are created using dehydration, vacuum sealing and irradiation to prevent spoilage.

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Beef jerky is commonly requested, as it is nutritious and easily transported on board without changing packaging. Commercial products, such as mixed nuts, granola bars and cookies, are available to astronauts. As more countries have sent individuals into space, national staples have been altered to travel with them. Japanese foods and drinks, such as ramen, sushi, yokan and matcha, have been modified for space. South Korean kimchi, Chinese yuxiang pork and Russian goulash with buckwheat have been packaged for trips to the International Space Station.

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