What Are Some Arguments Against Global Warming?


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There are two types of global warming skeptics, those who believe that global warming exists but that it is not a result of human action, and those who do not believe global warming is happening at all. The former group recognizes that there is a warming trend but believes it can be explained as a natural cycle of climate fluctuation. The latter group primarily doubts the measurements and reported findings.

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Some skeptics claim that the models some scientists use to predict climate patterns in the future are poorly substantiated guesses and could not possibly be accurate with the multitude of factors that go into the manifestation of a climate. According to HowStuffWorks, one figure consistently cited by skeptics is that even though we measured a 4 percent increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide during the years 1998 to 2007, the average global temperature actually fell during that time period. Those skeptics who believe in a warming trend, but not the human cause of it, will often site a 2003 Antarctic ice study that suggested an increase in carbon dioxide may not be a root cause of warming, and that these warming and cooling cycles have happened many times in the past with natural origins, the current trend being no different.

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