What Are Arctic Decomposers?

Some decomposers that are found in the Arctic are bacteria and fungi. In a food chain, decomposers are organisms that can break down dead organic matter, such as plants and animals. Bacteria are the smallest type of decomposers.

Bacteria are prokaryotic organisms that can be found in any type of environment, including the harsh Arctic biome. Different types of bacteria can decompose different types of dead matter. Bacteria in the Arctic are typically found in the frozen soil. Similarly, specific types of fungi are other detritivores that can exist in this biome. Thousands of different fungi species can be found in the Arctic regions.

Although the Arctic biome is a very cold and inhospitable environment, bacteria and fungi can survive and grow even during the winter time, according to a study by researchers from Colorado State University. However, due to the low temperatures of the Arctic, the decomposition of dead matter can occur over a longer period of time.