What Do Arachnids Eat?


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Arachnids are mostly carnivorous predators and usually feed on smaller arthropods, with the exception of daddy longlegs and some mites that feed on plant matter. Ticks and mites tend to be parasitic, feeding on fluids from living animals, plant material or decaying organic matter.

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According to Wikipedia, arachnids produce digestive juices in their stomachs, which they pour over their prey or inject into a hole in the prey's exoskeleton. These juices liquefy the prey into a soup of nutrients. The arachnid then ingests the prey, using its pharynx to suck the prey through its mouth and esophagus, and into the stomach. This process is repeated until only the prey's exoskeleton is left.

The most common hunting technique for arachnids is to wait for prey to come to them, although there are arachnids that actively seek out their food. Daddy longlegs, for instance, wander over bushes and other vegetation in pursuit of prey. Most arachnids live alone, but there are spiders that live in large web communities. The outer edges of the web are used for catching communal prey, and the middle section of the web houses the males, females and spiderlings. Some spiders are able to mimic ants, infiltrate their colonies and feed on their pupae and larvae.

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