What Is Antimony Trichloride?


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Antimony trichloride is a reagent used in chemical reactions that is represented by the chemical formula SbCl3. It is made from one atom of antimony and three atoms of chlorine.

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Antimony trichloride is a soft solid that is sometimes known as "butter of antimony." It has a molar mass of 228.12 grams. It is colorless and emits a strong, sharp smell. The melting point of antimony trichloride is 164.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and its boiling point is 434.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Antimony trichloride is used in diagnostic testing to detect the presence of vitamin A. It is also used in polymerization, or the combination of smaller molecules to form larger, more complex molecules with repeating units made up of the original components.

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