What Are Some Anti-Litter Slogans?

"Don't Mess With Texas" is perhaps one of the most well-known anti-litter slogans. Examples from other states include "Let's Pick It Up New York," "Oklahoma, Keep Our Land Grand" and "Kansas! Don't Spoil It."

The "Don't Mess With Texas" slogan used by Texas was created in 1985 by the GSD&M ad agency. The firm was hired by the state transportation agency to encourage drivers to keep the roads clean. The slogan was embraced by Texans because it evoked feelings of state pride. Many outside of Texas believe it is a local saying that espouses the state's independent nature, not words created for an advertising campaign. The slogan is credited with reducing littering by 71 percent in just four years.

Many states use the slogan "Keep [State Name] Beautiful." Some American cities have adopted their own anti-litter slogans, such as "Don't Make Excuses, Make A Difference" in Baltimore, Md. Most slogans are used to promote specific programs that aim to reduce littering by citizens.

The Pennsylvania Resources Council has used the slogan "Don't Be a Litterbug" since 1952. Its use is accompanied by a nasty-looking insect character named the Litterbug. New York artist Amelia Opdyke Jones claims to have coined the term in 1947 when she wrote the phrase "nobody loves a litterbug" on a poster that she illustrated for the New York subway system.