What Are Some Anti-Global Warming Facts?


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One key anti-global warming fact is that climate change is a non-linear process that scientists do not yet fully comprehend. This means that no computer model can accurately predict how regional climate may change over a future time period.

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Contrary to popular belief, Earth's climate didn't start changing drastically after the onset of the industrial revolution; the climate has always changed. Even with typical ground-based thermometers recording a temperature rise of about 0.40 degrees Celsius since 1958, weather balloons and satellites, which take more accurate readings, indicate no sign of atmospheric warming over the same period. Many scientists attribute the apparent temperature rise to the Urban Heat Island effect and other artifacts.

The greenhouse effect makes the climate conducive to life. Carbon dioxide, which is a minor greenhouse gas, is responsible for approximately 25 percent of the total greenhouse effect. Only about 25 percent of this carbon is due to human activity. Water vapor, which is an important atmospheric gas, contributes at least 70 percent to the greenhouse effect.

The fact that changes in carbon dioxide levels succeed changes in atmospheric temperature, on both annual and geological scales, further proves that carbon dioxide cannot be the primary cause of a global temperature increase.

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