What Animals Have Webbed Feet?

Gábor Kovács/CC-BY-2.0

Animals with webbed feet include ducks, geese, swans, petrels and prions, albatrosses, some kinds of penguins including the Humboldt penguin, flamingos, some kinds of gulls, terns and alcids. Some mammals also have webbed feet. These include beavers and muskrats, capybara, otters and Hose’s civet.

The toes of the fishing cat and the flat-headed cat are partially webbed.

Aquatic frogs, some toads and turtles also have webbed feet.

The platypus is an interesting webbed-footed mammal, because it’s one of only five kinds of mammals that lay eggs. It also has a beak and a flat, scaly tail like a beaver. The male platypus also has poison spurs on its hind legs.