What Are Some Animals That Start With the Letter "W"?

Some animals whose names start with the letter "w" include wasps, wombats, wallabies, weasels and warthogs. Other animals whose names start with "w" are whales, walruses and wolves.

Wasps are insects that are related to ants and bees. Though most wasps sting, they are beneficial in that the destroy large numbers of harmful insects. Some wasps are solitary, though others live in colonies.

Wombats are marsupials that live in Australia and Tasmania and resemble small bears. They are fossorial animals, which means they dig and live in burrows. They emerge from their burrows at night to forage.

Wallabies are related to kangaroos. Like wombats, they are marsupials and live in Australia and Tasmania. They live in many types of habitats, including temperate and tropical forests, grasslands and deserts.

Weasels are small, long-bodied carnivores that live in the forests of the United States and Canada. Many weasels change the texture and color of their coat in the winter. The white winter coat is called ermine.

Warthogs are wild pigs found in Africa. They have huge, flattened heads from which curved tusks emerge. "Warts" that protrude between their tusks and their eyes give the animal its name. The warthog's hide is covered with coarse, bristly hairs.