What Are Some Animals in the Semiarid Desert Biome?

Animals found in the semiarid desert biome include grasshoppers, ants, jackrabbits, kangaroo rats, skunks, burrowing owls and the California thrasher. There are few large mammals found in this environment because most are not able to withstand the heat or store sufficient amounts of water within their bodies.

Insects found in the semiarid desert biome survive and withstand the excessively hot temperatures by staying confined to the shade of plants during the day. Mammals escape the heat by using the shade of larger plants or residing in underground burrows. Desert nights are usually cooler and allow animals to survive by reducing body hydration lost from activities such as sweating and breathing.

Animals that live in desert habitats have adapted to survive in the intense climate of the environment. Desert animals are most active during the cooler nights. Jackrabbits have very large ears with large blood vessels. Blood traveling through the ears is cooled by the wind and circulates through the rest of the body, keeping the creature cool. Reptiles' scaly skin is designed to prevent water loss. Some bird species are active only during the hours of dawn and sunset. Birds that are active throughout the day constantly perch in shaded areas.