What Are Some Animals Whose Names Begin With the Letter "H?"

There are animal's with names beginning with the letter "H," ranging from the very small harvestman, a relative of the spider, to the hippopotamus, with a name meaning water horse. These animals are from several different orders and classes of the animal kingdom.

The harvestman, while an arachnid is not a true spider. This eight-legged animal is the daddy longlegs. It eats small insects and decaying animal matter. The harvestman also consumes juices from both fruits and vegetables. Each of its eight legs has seven joints, giving it great flexibility. There are over 200 species of this animal in the United States and 3,200 worldwide.

Hawks are strong hunters that spot their prey from the air. Red-tailed hawks build nests 2 to 3 feet in diameter. While rodents are their most common prey, they also take snakes, frogs and insects.

Hippos are adapted for life in the water, but according to the San Diego Zoo, they cannot swim or float. They push off from the riverbed or walk in the shallows. An evolutionary adaptation allows them to sleep under water; they have a reflex that causes them to bob to the surface to take a breath before sinking back to the bottom.