What Animals Live in the Tropical Wet-Dry Climate?

Some animals that live in the tropical wet-dry climate, also known as savannas or tropical grasslands, are elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas. Some other animals that live in this type of climate include jackals, rhinos and sparrows.

The tropical wet-dry climate is home to a variety of specialized animals that depend on one another to keep the balance of the environment in which they live. The African savanna is home to more than 40 species of hoofed animals. Within the area, 16 species of tree-leaf-eating animals and grazing animals coexist without vying for the available food sources because they all have different food preferences, feed at different heights and feed during different times of the day. The herbivores that live in the savanna also provide the carnivorous predators with a variety of food sources. This allows the predators to live side-by-side without competing for food sources as well.

The majority of animals that live in the tropical wet-dry climate have long legs or wings to allow them to migrate to more favorable areas during the area's dry season. Other animals burrow underground to help them avoid the heat and to raise their young.

In some parts of the African savanna, people graze cattle and goats. Herders do not move the animals until all of the grass in a particular area is eaten. This causes the overgrazed land to turn into desert, which supports less wildlife.