What Animals Live in South America?

Animals that live in South America include the alpaca, llama, guanaco and the vicuña, which are all members of the camelid family. Another animal is the capybara, which is the largest rodent on earth. The jaguar, ocelot and margay live in South America, as do several species of monkey, including the howler monkey.

Armadillos, giant anteaters and sloths are found in South America. Among the birds that live in South America are the toucan, the Magellanic woodpecker, some species of penguin and the Andean condor. South American fish include the piranha and the characid.

Several species of shark swim off the coasts of South America, including the whale shark, which is the largest fish in the world. Other sharks are the lemon shark, the tiger shark and the great white shark.

South American arachnids include the Goliath bird-eating spider, scorpions and crab spiders. Insects include army and leaf-cutter ants and the blue morpho butterfly.

Reptiles that live in South America include the green anaconda, which is the world's heaviest snake, and the boa constrictor. Other reptiles include the spectacled and Yacare caiman and the American crocodile.

South American amphibians include poison dart frogs, caecilians and a frog known as the mountain chicken.