What Animals Live on Mount Everest?

Animals that live on Mount Everest include snow leopards, Himalayan black bears, Himalayan tahrs and Himalayan gorals. Mount Everest is home to a large animal diversity. Many animals and plants thrive at lower altitudes, while few organisms can survive the high altitudes near the peak.

Some species living on Mount Everest are extremely rare and are native to the Himalayan range. Snow leopards, which are considered endangered, are native to the Central Asian mountains. Their thick fur for insulation and wide feet for climbing snowy, rock walls make snow leopards well-adapted to this environment.

Himalayan black bears, also known as Asiatic black bears, dwell in the forested regions of Mount Everest. Their long, black coats and unique, white blaze on the chest make them easy to distinguish. Himalayan black bears hibernate during cold periods to survive tough winter seasons. During warmer seasons, they feed on leaves, seeds, nuts, fruits, shoots and insects. They also sometimes include meat in their diet.

Himalayan tahrs are mammals that look like small goats, and they are classified as “near threatened.” Both male and female tahrs have curved horns and special hooves and dewclaws that help them quickly climb wooded slopes and bluffs. Himalayan gorals are usually seen on dangerous slopes and grassy ridges. They tend to conceal themselves in rock openings when faced with danger.