What Animals Live in the Bathyal Zone?

Some animals that live in the bathyal zone are vampire squid, bristlemouth fish, angler fish, slimestar, brittlestar, snake dragonfish and amphipods. Occasionally, sperm whales can go to this ocean depth chasing after prey like giant squid. However, the bathyal or bathypelagic zone is at a depth that is between approximately 3,300 to 13,000 feet.

At the lower region of this zone, there are few marine organisms because it is a dark zone that has an extremely high pressure and low water temperatures. Many organisms at this region exhibit bioluminescence characteristics, while others tend to have dark or red coloration.

For these reasons, the fish that can survive in this environment are deep-water varieties like the angler fish. Similarly, the snake dragonfish exhibits bioluminescence qualities in many of its organs.