What Animals Live in Arica, Chile?


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Arica, a coastal city in northern Chile, is home to a wide range of marine and land animals as well as birds. Dolphins, sea lions and several species of whale live along the coast, and the chinchilla, alpaca and flamingo are common in the area as well.

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What Animals Live in Arica, Chile?
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Arica’s mild desert climate makes it perfect for many diverse species of birds. The puna flamingo, which is so rare that it was once thought to be extinct, can be found in the area. The huge, flightless giant coot makes its home there, as well as Chile’s smallest bird, the Chilean woodstar.

Lauca National Park neighbors Arica, and it features camelids such as the vicuna, guanaco, llama and alpaca as well as the puma, vizcachas, cuy and armadillo. The park is home to 130 species of bird, including the puna ibis, Andean goose, Andean condor and silvery grebe.

The number of vulnerable, near-threatened and endangered animals in Chile is on the rise due to hunting, animal trade and encroachment of land. Wikipedia reports that nearly 33 percent of Chile’s mammal species face the danger of extinction. Marine threats come from overexploitation of marine resources and industrial fishing. The Chilean government has set up 100 protected areas, as of 2014, to aid in the conservation of Chilean wildlife.

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