What Animals Live in the Abyssal Zone?


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Animals calling the Abyssal zone home include octopi, fish like the black swallower, tripod and deep-sea angler fish, along with the giant squid, bacteria and several varieties of luminescent crustaceans. The Abyssal zone resides near the bottom of the ocean, having few nutrients, air with high levels of oxygen and very little sunlight. Regardless of these seemingly inhospitable conditions, however, many animals and plants call this zone home, surviving in the cold, dark climate with special features.

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The Abyssal zone exists in oceans around the world, and covers the range of ocean extending 6,500 to 20,000 feet below the surface.The variety and population size of life forms diminishes towards the Abyssal zone but, nevertheless, hardy species thrive there, including many fish and invertebrates, such as sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

One of the most impressive inhabitants of this region is the giant squid. These squids reach significant lengths, sometimes covering the length of a school bus in size. Giant squid boast some of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, with an average diameter exceeding 10 inches. Their large eyes detect large objects, letting the squid navigate through areas with poor visibility. Giant squid feed on other animals, including smaller squid, fish, shrimp and even small whales.

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