What Animals Keep the Same Mate for Life?

Some animals that mate for life include gibbons, swans, black vultures, French angelfish, wolves, albatrosses, termites, turtle doves and bald eagles. The only time that bald eagles don't mate for life is in the event of their partners' deaths or impotency.

Black vultures often seem off-putting to outsiders, but these birds are faithful partners. They have been known to attack other vultures caught interacting with their mates, proving that humans aren't the only jealous animals on Earth.

Swans are known to form monogamous relationships that last for years, but in some cases, these relationships last a lifetime. Although it seems romantic that these birds mate for life, it's believed that these birds only take one mate because they don't have time to take another due to how long it takes to establish territories, raise young and migrate.

Wolves are often seen as more family-oriented animals than humans. A pack of wolves typically consists of one female, one male and their offspring. Due to this close nature, wolves are animals that generally stay loyal to their mates to the very end.

Gibbons form extremely deep bonds with their partners. After mating, the monkeys can be seen in the trees grooming and hanging all over each other. The only time gibbons don't mate for life is when their significant others are found flirting with other monkeys.